Crestwood Cardinals Youth Basketball

Crestwood, Kentucky - Oldham County

Crestwood Cardinals is a, nonprofit, community youth basketball program for elementary students living in the Crestwood, Kentucky area of Oldham County. Crestwood Cardinals mission is to develop area youth fundamental basketball skills, connect players with future school teammates and create partners with their local community.

Basketball Fundamentals and Skills Development

Crestwood Cardinals prepares players by teaching them basketball fundamentals and skills they need to learn so they can continue to develop, preparing them for middle school. We take intermediate players to teach them the game of basketball, develop them and compete with them on a competitive level.

Team Building

Crestwood Cardinals seeks to instill a love for the game of basketball in it's players. Players will become teammates with other students in the Crestwood community, building friendships that will develop beyond elementary school basketball.

Community Partnership

Crestwood Cardinals seeks opportunities to connect and give back to the local community.